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Bespoke Lotteries
for Sports Clubs and

Bespoke Lotteries for Sports Clubs and Foundations.

A revolutionary way of giving back
to your favourite causes whilst
fulfilling your CSR

A revolutionary way of giving back to your favourite causes whilst fulfilling your CSR

Responsible Lotteries: Win Rewards, Support Causes.

Embark on a journey of giving and winning with a focus on corporate social responsibility. Choose between our Standard Lottery for cash excitement or our Luxury Corporate Lottery for tailor-made philanthropy that enhances your CSR profile. This lottery also serves as an employee reward scheme, aligning with your CSR efforts and providing meaningful incentives for your workforce.

The power to make a difference is in your hands.

Luxury Lottery

Elevate your corporate social responsibility with Your Sports Group

Choose the charities that matter most to your business, and curate prizes that go beyond expectations. This is more than a lottery; it’s an opportunity to show your company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility whilst adding a layer of excitement with an employee reward scheme.

Experience the joy of giving while entering the thrill of winning

For just £5 or £10 a month, you contribute to worthy causes and stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes. It’s a simple and rewarding way to make a difference while enjoying the thrill of the lottery.

Standard Lottery

Beyond the Boardroom:

Team Up for Charity:

Beyond the Boardroom:

Team Up for Charity:

At Your Sports Group, giving back has never been this
thrilling. Here's how it works:

1. Sign Up

Companies and Sports Clubs enroll with us. Employees or club members pay a small monthly fee.

2. Monthly Pot

The collected fees form the monthly pot, ready to be transformed into “once in a lifetime” prizes – that money cannot buy – or cash prizes.

3. Win Big

At the end of each month, winners will walk away with exciting prizes.

4. Charitable Impact

A minimum of half of the pot goes directly to charities, making a positive impact on the community.




Unforgettable rewards waiting for you:

Your Sports Group isn’t just a lottery; it’s a game-changer for sports clubs aiming to make a positive impact. By 
participating, your sports club gains a dynamic fundraising tool that not only supports their own foundation, but in turn,  helps various causes within the local community.

Bespoke Generosity: Your Company, Your
Lottery, Your Impact.
Embrace corporate social responsibility on your terms. With the Luxury Corporate
Lottery, your company has the power to customise not only the charitable cause it
supports but also the exclusive prize awaiting the lucky winner. It’s an opportunity to align
your brand with impactful causes and unparalleled rewards.

Grow Your Business with Your Sports Group

Your Sports Group transforms corporate responsibility into a winning strategy. Enhance your business by engaging employees in a monthly lottery where teamwork meets philanthropy. Boost morale, foster camaraderie, and make a meaningful impact on charities.

Join us to redefine success – where your company’s growth aligns with purpose, creating a workplace culture that champions both achievement and social good. Your Sports Group: where winning means giving back.

Unite for a Cause: Make an Impact on Fundraising

Participating in our Standard Lottery isn’t just about luck; it’s a deliberate choice to make a positive impact. By contributing £5 or £10 each month, you become a valuable supporter of various charitable initiatives.

Take the step towards combining excitement with generosity. Enroll now, and let the joy of giving and the thrill of winning become part of your monthly routine. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a force for good and a potential winner.

Transform the way you give back

Reach out now and discover the transformative power of charitable giving
at Your Sports Group. Your journey of impact starts now.